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by Paul Norman


At first glance it looks like a pleasant wooded glade on a peaceful, mild day. Watch out! It’s agiant spider! RUN! You don’t know how it happened; you don’t know how you got here, but, unfortunately, you’ve wandered into the FORBIDDEN FOREST! You'll find a bow in your hand and a quiver full of arrows on your back, as well as four more full quivers on the ground beside you. You're going to need them.

The Forbidden Forest is a place on this world but certainly not of this world. Itisa place of unrelenting terror and trial. It is ruled by the dreaded Demogorgon demonic king of monsters. He will send in his horde of grisly creatures against anyone who dares enter his realm. And if by some miracle, or your own skill, you should vanquish his army, you will have to face the Demogorgon himself. A word of encouragement: no one has ever returned from the Forbidden Forest alive!

There are five different areas of the forest in which to do battle and you may enter any one of them at any time by running in either direction as they flow into each other, creating one large forest. The moon slowly crosses the sky as you go

from late afternoon to the dead of night. Together, these features offer multiple and varied environments. Within this ever changing arena, you will face four increasingly difficult levels of adventure with seven different challenges in each level. Fight your way through bloated bees and winged dragons and killer skele- tons, and more, to come face to face with the ultimate terror—the Demogorgon!


1.) The Forbidden Forest Cassette or Diskette.

2.) Commodore® 64™ Computer.

3.) Commodore® Datasette Recorder or Commodore® VIC-1541™ or VIC-1540™ single drive floppy disk.

4.) One joystick controller.


The FORBIDDEN FOREST is a machine language game program designed in 28K RAM which will load into any standard Commodore® 64" Computer by follow- ing the instructions below exactly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The joystick controller must be plugged into CONTROL PORT NO. 2. (It will not function in CONTROL PORT NO. 1.)


1. Attach the Datasette Recorder to the computer according to the recorder’s Instruction Manual. Turn on the computer and wait for the flashing cursor to appear. See that all buttons on the Datasette are not depressed and that the recorder is as far removed from the TV as possible.

2. Insert the Cassette Program Tape in the recorder with the title side facing up. Press the rewind key on the recorder to make certain the tape is fully rewound to the beginning. Now type on the computer: LOAD “FF” and press the RETURN KEY. (The computer will respond with the message: PRESS PLAY ON TAPE.

3. Press the PLAY key on the Datasette. Immediately, the TV screen will go blank and the cassette will start moving. After a moment, the screen will return with the message, FOUND FF.

4. At this point, press the Commodore key (the key with the Commodore logo next to the shift key on the lower left of the keyboard). The screen will again go blank and the cassette will start turning again. After a moment, the screen will return with the READY message and flashing cursor.

5. Now type: RUN and press the RETURN key. The screen will blank once more and the cassette will start again. A 28K Program on cassette will take approxi- mately six minutes to load. When the program is loaded, the cassette will stop, the screen will return and the program will begin automatically. Note: It is a good idea to press the stop key on the Datasette and then rewind the tape to the beginning.


1. Attach the Commodore® VIC-1540™ or VIC-1541™ Disk Drive to the computer according to the Disk Drive’s Instruction Manual.

2. Turn on the computer and wait for the flashing cursor and the READY mes- sage. Now turn on the Disk Drive. Wait for the red light on the drive to go out.

3. Insert the program Diskette and close the drive latch. Type on the computer: LOAD “FF”, 8and press the RETURN key. The computer will respond with the message, SEARCHING FOR FF.

4. After a moment, it will read, FOUND FF-LOADING. When the READY mes- sage returns, type: RUN and press RETURN. The program title card will appear and the program will start loading automatically. When the program is loaded, the game will begin immediately. Note: It is a good idea to reinove the Diskette and replace it in its envelope.


Plug the Joystick into CONTROL PORT NO. 2. (The Joystick will not function in CONTROL PORT NO. 1). Hold the Joystick with the red fire button in the upper left corner facing the TV. The Joystick has several functions in the game and the fire button is highly discriminated from the stick positions. Therefore, you should not press the fire button while holding the stick in any but the center position, or neither function will work. The fire button alternately reloads and

fires. The first press will load an arrow from the quiver to the bow. The second press will fire the arrow. You are then ready to reload again. You must reload before you can fire.

The forward and back positions of the stick control, the arrow’s peak trajectory, can be seen by markers on each side of the screen moving up and down as you manipulate the stick. Pulling back on the stick causes the markers to rise as though you were raising your bow, and the higher the markers, the higher the arrow will travel. Pushing forward on the stick lowers the markers and the arrow will travel more toward the horizon. The markers are only visible when changing trajectories.

Pushing the stick left or right turns the archer from side to side through eleven different shooting angles. By combining these angles with the trajectory positions you can hit any point from the top of the bow to the top of the screen. If the archer is turned completely to one side or the other and you continue to hold the stick in that direction, the archer will begin to run in that direction and will continue to run as long as the stick is held to that side. It is not possible to reload or fire an arrow while running, although if you are already loaded you will be ready to fire when you stop running.

The last function of the fire button is as a restart button either when the screen instructs you or when returning after you have been destroyed by a monster.


The first image to appear on your screen will be a level selection page. Each level from INNOCENT to CRAZY increases in speed and difficulty. Be advised to begin with the INNOCENT level for the first time. The levels may be selected by pressing the appropriate function key (the four large keys to the right of the keyboard). After the function key is pressed, the message PRESS FIRE BUTTON will appear. Do so and the game will commence.

After the title presentation is completed, the archer will appear and be ready for Joystick Control. Nothing will happen until some Joystick input is received. Be Alert! Monsters can attack suddenly and without warning. (Hint: the best initial move would be to press the fire button to load an arrowso that you will be

ready to fire). When something attacks, if you are ready, the creature can be hit and obliterated.

Note: A sense of dimensionality has been built into the game. Therefore, unlike single surface games where any projectile making contact with any target consti- tutes a hit, arrows, if not properly aimed, can pass in front or behind a target, missing it. So if a moster seems to come from in front of the archer, do not simply turn completely to one side or the other and fire on-line. This may sound complex, but you will get the feeling of it quickly.

If the attack catches you off guard or unloaded, then turn away from the creature and run. The creature will chase you, so keep running until you have lost it offscreen. If you are successful in either avoiding or killing the monsters, they will keep coming until you have killed the required number of them (see scor- ing). However, if you should be destroyed, the screen will go black for a moment, and then everything will return as before, waiting for your control. You can survive two attacks by each of the various monsters and return to continue the fight. Your score and number of kills thus far will be retained. However, the third attack is fatal. Your score is cleared and the game is officially over.

At this point, the screen will go black and the title will appear. After a few sec- onds, the music will stop and the CONTINUE message will be printed.

You may chose to start the game from the beginning by pressing the RUN/STOP key on the keyboard. If you do, the level selection page will return and you may proceed as before.

The continue option is primarily for practice. By pressing the fire button, the game will restart at exactly the point it stopped. The score will be zero but will continue to score normally.

If you should survive all seven challenges the game will continue directly into the next level. (Note: If you should wish to stop the game at any point, press the RUN/STOP key while the action is in progress and the selection page will appear.)


LEVEL 1 INNOCENT This is the easiest level but it is by no means easy. You will have a supply of fifty

arrows. As the arrows are used up the quivers on the ground will disappear: one for each ten arrows. When they are all gone you will have ten arrows left in the quiver on your back. RUNNING OUT OF ARROWS ENDS THE GAME. All your arrows are replaced with each new monster that you destroy. The speed of the game at this level is evenly paced and the kill requirements are minimum. This is the best level to train in using the continue function.


Once you master Level 1, this level will test your new-found abilities. The pace is stepped up and more kills are necessary on some creatures. All arrows are still replaced after each triumph.


Things are really moving now! Kill requirements have doubled on most monsters, the pace is nerve-wracking and, to make matters worse, your arrows are replaced only twice throughout the game. So remember to aim carefully.


Here’s an aptly named level. You will hardly notice the appearance of some of the monsters before they are on you. All kill requirements have become extreme and, by the way, you get only one fresh supply of arrows this time; approximately in the middle of the game. Please do not waste a shot!


The first attack will come from the giant spiders. They will rush at you from either side unexpectedly. They will turn and turn back, they will dodge the arrows, but mostly they will go right for you; and they are hungry! The best shot is as soon as they appear but you can hit them right up to your nose. However, a miss at that range will prove most unpleasant, so be ready to run.

If you hear a buzz in the air, be careful. There is probably an obese bumble bee


hovering overhead and he has a nasty stinger for you. He is not very smart but he’s quick and difficult to hit. Aim carefully and keep away from him.

You may have seen some friendly frogs in your time but the overgrown tadpoles in the Forbidden Forest are no toadies. They leap from the landscape and drop from the sky. Run and dodge and shoot when you can. They are easy to hit but there are a lot of them and they’re determined to jump on your head and make frog legs out of you.

Favorite among the Demogorgon’s hoardes is the dragon. Sometimes he will make a bold frontal assault; slowly swerving in from the distance tempting you to waste arrows on a deceptively easy target. Or he might use the surprise attack from either side. In any case, he will always end with a blast of fire. If you hesitate for an instant you will become the guest of honor at the Dragon’s private bar- becue. Shoot for the head; it is his only vulnerable spot. You can rack up points for hits on the body but you must hit the head for a kill.

Congratulations, if you vanquished the Dragon, St. George will be proud. But you have made the Demogorgon very angry. He will now send out his right-hand man; the Forest Phantom with his personal contingent of killer skeletons. The phantom will stand back watching while his calcified children attack relentlessly trying to shishkabob you with their spears. You can kill the skeletons but they'll keep coming until you can get a dead shot off at the Phantom himself. Aim directly for his hooded face.

The wrath of the Demogorgon is unbridled. He has released his pet to seek you out. Who but the Master of Monsters would have an eighty foot snake as a pet. It spits venom that will disolve you right down to your shoes. All you can do is keep shooting at that sinuating torso and stay clear of the venom.

Now you've done it. You have killed the Demogorgon’s pet snake. That was the last straw (or snake). The sky blackens in his wake. Lightning heralds his approach. In the flashes of lightning you may catch a glimpse of a gargantuan figure in the distance. First he is here, then over there. He is invulnerable except for one small spot just about between his eyes. He is coming closer. You have little more than sixty seconds to make the shot. Wait for the flash and aim at his head. Remember this: you have only one chance at the Demogorgon.


KILLS REQUIRED LEVELS 1 -4 LEV1 LEV2 LEV3 LEV 4 SPIDER 1000 pts 4 8 12 16 BEE 2000 pts 1 2 3 4 FROGS 500 pts 6 12 16 20 DRAGONS 4000 pts 1 1 D 3 SKELETONS 1000 pts UNTIL PHANTOM KILLED PHANTOM 6000 pts J 1 ll 2 SNAKE 8000 pts 1 1 2 3 DEMOGORGON 10000 pts 1 1 1 1

ADDITIONAL POINTS 100 pts / arrows unused after each kill. 100 - 500 pts for Dragon body hits. The larger the part, the more points.

IF YOU CANNOT LOAD THE PROGRAM 1.) Check your equipmert carefully to be sure that all cables and connections are correct

2.) Re-read the section in the manual about loading machine code programs from cassette tape and diskette. Try to load again. If the program still does not load properly, try loading directly by typing, with the Cassette Version: LOAD “FOREST”, 1, 1 or with Disk: LOAD “FOREST” 8, 1 and press return. When the READY message appears, type SYS 6656.


If you can adjust the volume and tone settings on your recorder, try different settings.


If possible, load another program froma tape or diskette you know works on your computer. This will prove that your equipment works. Try once more to load your game.



The normal reason cassette tapes will not load is tape recorder head mis- alignment. Your computer may be able to save and load programs on its own recorder, but be unable to load tapes made on a different recorder for this reason. Be sure that your tape recorder heads are properly aligned. Your local computer store or dealer can help with this.


If the program still cannot be loaded, send the cassette or diskette, with a description of the problem (what the computer displays on the screen, if anything, when you try to load the cassette or diskette or play the game) and what you did to try to correct the problem.

Defective cassettes or diskettes will be replaced at no charge.

Note: Your computer has an automatic protection device to prevent any dam- age to your TV set. Periodically, the screen may turn to subdued shades of color. Depressing the space bar will reset the normal colors automatic- ally. No damage has occurred to your set, and continued play will not cause any problem.


This article will be replaced if found to be defective in material and/or workman- ship within 90 days of purchase. This shall constitute the sole remedy of purchaser and the sole liability of manufacturer. To the extent permitted by law, the foregoing is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties or representations whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall manufacturer be liable for special or consequential damages.



Paul Norman is one of COSMI’s newest programmers. Although some players of “Forbidden Forest” may think Paul has a “weird” sense of humor, there is no doubt that he has an exceptional imagination. Because of his previous back- ground as a musician, Paul was able to write all of the original music for “Forbidden Forest” as well as program the entire game. Congratulations!

Note: Commodore® 64," VIC-1540," VIC-1541™ and Datasette Recorder™ are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.

© 1984 Cosmi 904 Silver Spur Road, Suite 402 @ Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274





Paul Norman lo?

An exciting, daring and skillful game designed for the

COMMODORE® 64™ Personal Computer Systems.

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